About us

The Interdepartmental Centre for Studies on Asbestos and Other Toxic Particulates is dedicated to the memory of Professor Giovanni Scansetti. The Centre was established in 2001 by some members of the Faculties of Science, Medicine and Pharmacy of the University of Torino, promotes multidisciplinary research projects, conferences, workshops, schools and seminars about health and environmental issues raised by respirable toxic particulates.

The Centre studies asbestos and artificial fibres, nanoparticles, silica and quartz, metal dusts, urban particulate matter and generally any other material which may affect the respirable tract when inhaled.

A wide range of capabilities have been acquired, mainly on:

  • quantification, identification and characterization of natural and artificial particles;
  • investigation of molecular mechanisms of toxicity;
  • interaction between natural fibrous minerals and soil organisms (fungi, lichens and bacteria)
  • clinical and epidemiological fallouts of environmental and occupational exposure to particles and nanoparticles.

Asbestos and asbestiform minerals in the Western Alps have been thoroughly investigated in the framework of several cooperative projects with local government, politic stakeholders, public and private companies.

The Centre is involved in a number of multidisciplinary projects on nanotoxicology and nanosafety.

The Centre collaborates with researchers from 13 departments of the University of Torino, from the Politecnico of Torino, the University of Piemonte Orientale and from ten non-academic institutions.

The Centre encourages collaboration between academic and non-academic operators.