Particle size & shape


Rapid particle size and shape analysis of suspensions.

Designed with the needs of a busy QC lab in mind, the Sysmex FPIA-3000 makes size and shape analysis of particles in suspension a straightforward and routine task. All of the sample preparation, measurement and cleaning can be taken care of by the instrument itself. Equally the unparalleled image quality and flexible software makes it a highly effective

R&D tool.

• Particle size and shape of wet suspensions from 0.8μm to 300μm

• Fully automated analysis and self-cleaning in less than 3 minutes

• Unique sheath flow technology keeps even the smallest particles

in sharp focus

• Simple easy-to-use SOP operation, ideal for routine QA/QC analysis

• In-built sonication option for difficult to disperse samples

• Solvent compatible version available

• 21 CFR part 11 option.




The Sysmex FPIA-3000 is used in many applications where particle size and shapeof powders, slurries and suspensions are important. Some key applications include: monitoring of abrasive slurries e.g SiC wiresaw for silicon wafer production, detection of agglomerates in pharmaceutical suspensions such as eye formulations, quality control of particle size and shapin toners and Identification of oversize particles in parenterals and injectables such as vaccines



Particle Size Range 0.8μm – 300μm*

Particle properties measured Size, shape, transparency

Sample dispersion Stirred with ultrasound option

Particle flow Hydrodynamic focused sheath flow

Sheath liquid (standard) Aqueous ‘Particle Sheath Reagent’, methanol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol,

ethylene glycol solution (25%)

Sheath liquid (solvent option) Compatible with most commonly used solvent dispersants such as: Toluene, acetone, heptane and hexane

Typical measurement time <3 minutes including self-cleaning cycle

Illumination White light, brightfield, 60Hz strobe

Detector CCD array

Lens size ranges High power (x2) Low power (x0.5)

10x (standard) 1.5μm – 40μm 8μm – 160μm

20x (option) 0.8μm – 20μm 4μm – 80μm

5x (option) 3.0μm – 80μm 16μm – 300μm

Dimensions 900mm (W) x 475mm (D) x 455mm (H)

Weight 59.5kg

Power requirements 100/240V ac 50/60Hz

Notes *Sample dependent