Particle size & shape


The Sysmex FPIA-3000 is a fully automated dynamic flow particle imaging instrument for the rapid measurement of the shape and size of particles in aqueous suspension. Automated imaging techniques use a digital camera to capture 2D images of a dispersed particulate sample. Individual particle images are identified using digital thresholding techniques, and then analyzed to determine their particle size (circle equivalent diameter, length, width etc.), shape (elongation, circularity) and transparency. Individual images of every particle are stored for each measurement and are easily displayed together with the size and shape data for the sample. This provides a powerful visual verification of results, such as confirming the presence of agglomerates in the sample dispersion, or the presence of unwanted particles. Statistically representative distributions are constructed by automatically analysing tens to hundreds of thousands of particles per measurement. The measurement process is automated through electronic standard operating procedures (SOPs) which control and record all measurement parameters.



The Sysmex FPIA-3000 is used in many applications where particle size and shapeof powders, slurries and suspensions are important. Some key applications include: monitoring of abrasive slurries e.g SiC wiresaw for silicon wafer production, detection of agglomerates in pharmaceutical suspensions such as eye formulations, quality control of particle size and shapin toners and Identification of oversize particles in parenterals and injectables such as vaccines



Particle Size Range: 0.8μm – 160 μm

Particle properties measured: size, shape, transparency

Sample dispersion: stirred with ultrasound option

Sheath liquid: aqueous solution

Typical measurement time: <5 minutes including self-cleaning cycle

Illumination: white light, brightfield, 60Hz strobe

Detector: CCD array